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Training and Projects

Musical Hydrotherapy

Musical Hydrotherapy is an innovative therapy combining Underwater Listening alongside aquatic body therapy techniques to:

  • relax body and mind

  • inspire movement, stretching, vocalisation and stillness

  • enhance well–being

  • develop an appreciation to sound and music.


How it works

Underwater speakers are placed inside a hydro-pool and sound is heard when the head is placed in the water. The vibrations travel through the water and stimulate the inner ear directly, resulting in a perception of sound that is incredibly detailed, immediate and personal. The vibrations can also be felt in the body, and when experienced alongside guided movement through aquatic body therapy, participants have opportunities to reach a deeper state of relaxation. The practice can also help to improve communication, emotional development and motor and sensory skills.


What we offer

We partner with organisations such as special schools, learning centres and service providers to facilitate:​

  • On-site Musical Hydrotherapy sessions for disabled children, young people and adults

  • Comprehensive training programmes for organisations to integrate the therapy into their curriculum or rehabilitation programmes

  • Music production programmes for young people aged 14-19 years where participants compose, record, produce and present original music for use in Musical Hydrotherapy sessions

  • Free-to-access resources such as music playlists, research and case studies for our growing network of teachers, music/sound artists and aquatic bodywork practitioners.

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