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Music Creation and Production

Since 2019, Liquid Listening has been working in the classroom in special schools, using technology to enable pupils to create their own music which they can then listen to underwater in their hydrotherapy pool.

In our Music Production projects, we work with staff and students (usually aged 11 - 19) over a term to develop a practice of listening as a regular activity. Combined with practical music-making activities, this enables learners to record, produce and present original music for use in Musical Hydrotherapy sessions.


The aim is to provide a real-life learning opportunity through which learners can develop key skills such as creativity, communication and teamwork whilst also experiencing the health and well-being benefits of Musical Hydrotherapy.


The programme is delivered through a series of underwater listening sessions and classroom sessions led by our practitioners. The music created by the students will then be shared within the school’s own Musical Hydrotherapy sessions; with the wider community through an end of project performance (optional); and with other schools/centres via the Liquid Listening playlist.


Find out more about having a Music Creation and Production project in your school.​ 

Read composer and sound artist Duncan Chapman's blog about taking creative music-making into Bedelsford School here.

Read an article about our Classroom Listening sessions by Liquid Listening's Music Consultant Lawrence Bradshaw here


For enquiries email​ or Contact Us.

Scroll down to watch a film about our 2019 Music Production programme at the Orpheus Centre in Surrey. ​​

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“Pupils played different instruments they have never tried before and explored sensory sounds through manipulating materials and their voices…. Pupils were impressed to hear what their recorded sounds could sound like when put together.”

Valence School, Kent


Musical Hydrotherapy Training

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Musical Hydrotherapy sessions

Cello music production image.jpg

Music Creation and Production

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