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Read feedback from some of our partners below, and watch filmed testimonials here or on our YouTube channel 

"(S)  ….. just being independent - swimming alone. I know she was swimming on her tummy but we have never seen that before today ... And in the deep end, and wanting to put her whole head in - where did that come from? … it was just amazing."

 Sharon Hitchins, class teacher, Redway Special School, Milton Keynes

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"It is an innovative way of engaging our pupils to enjoy music, sounds and movement in a more organic and natural way. The pupils engaged more with each passing week. Where stillness is alien to some it became the norm in our pool when listening under the surface.

Movement that is not usually apparent has started even outside of the pool in the time of the training but if the aquatic bodywork and underwater sounds help with any improvements in our pupils health wellbeing and learning experiences it's worth it. It's been an amazing experience for both the pupils and the adults who took part in this training."

Vanessa Desouza, hydrotherapist

"Children have been evidenced to have gained measurable outcomes both physically and in their development of communication both in the water and in land based sessions following taking part in the first 6 weeks of sessions e.g. crossing midline with arms and increasingly using vocalisation to make requests or lifting their head on request for the first time ever.

"We have additional reports from families of improvement in their child’s sleeping patterns on the day of the Liquid Listening Therapy.

"The Liquid Listening trainers all had extensive knowledge and skill to convey necessary understanding of techniques and aims to staff team members and enabled confidence and skills to be developed over the training period.


Our staff team reported that it was some of the best training they had ever received and we look forward to furthering our work in this area of research, learning and development. "

Julia James, Headteacher Bedelsford School, Kingston

Watch filmed testimonials from some of our partner schools, teachers and participants or visit our YouTube channel to see our full range of films about our work

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