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How your support helps us

We aim to increase the well-being of disabled children, young people and adults by exploring ways that promote education, health, sound awareness, and environmental engagement.


We do this through a bespoke and innovative programme combining practical training, therapeutic sessions, and creative educational activities.


We have exciting plans to increase the number of disabled children, young people and adults benefiting from Musical Hydrotherapy. In 2024, we aim to deliver:

  • Musical Hydrotherapy training in 6 new schools

  • 2 Music Production projects

  • Refresher training for 4 previously-trained schools

  • Expand our training offer to at least one community-based group of users.


With our expertise and your support, we can help many more people have access to Musical Hydrotherapy.

  • £8,500: A bespoke training programme for a specialist school for up to 10 staff members, including installation of equipment

  • £5,000: A music production project, working with 10 disabled children to create their own music for use in the hydrotherapy pool

  • £4,000: A 3-day residency in a specialist school for 36 disabled children and 12 staff

  • £2,500: Purchase and installation of music equipment in a hydrotherapy pool

  • £1,000: An annual check in with a school including a training refresher session and equipment check

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