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We support teachers and schools without specialist musical knowledge to implement deep listening strategies and creative music-making in a classroom setting - essentially replicating the beneficial listening practice of Musical Hydrotherapy outside a pool environment.

Listening activities for schools without pools

Our continuing professional development shows staff how to create a relaxing, supporting and attentive atmosphere in the classroom using a simple set of actions. The process, when repeated daily as part of the class’s routine for as little as 5 minutes per day, can have a noticeable effect on the attentiveness and calm atmosphere in the classroom.


It offers a mindful repose that bestows calm in the classroom. 


Teachers of all levels of musical experience and confidence can benefit.


We have observed that a very common issue in special education schools is the lack of confidence many teachers encounter when delivering music lessons. Our training gives simple tools that create meaningful activities and professional-sounding outcomes using sound activations that any teacher can do regardless of their musical background.


The scheme of work provided could be implemented into a student's formal accreditation or count towards their EHCP targets.

Find out more about having a Music Teaching project in your school. For enquiries email

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"The Beacon Institute at the University of Kent is proud to work in partnership with Liquid Listening, and to support their valuable and innovative work in interactive performance.  The company represents a model of creative collaboration between science, technology and artistic practice.  "

Robert Shaughnessy, Acting Director, Beacon Institute, University of Kent

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