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Aquatic Practitioners


Helena Eflerova

Aquatic practitioner

Helena Eflerová is a dedicated professional multidisciplinary artist and aquatic specialist, with over sixteen years’ experience in the arts for health and education industries. She has a proven track record of success, which includes productions, teaching and therapy in the region leading charities. She has created projects for diverse inter-generational and marginalised communities in Universities, Museums, Cathedrals and Galleries in the UK and abroad. She is a founder of HE AQUATICS that offer services of Aquatic Bodywork Floatation Therapy, Aquatic Contact Improvisation Dance, Yoga and Swimming. 

Stef Hodgson

Aquatic Therapist and Craniosacral Therapist

Stef's background is in Emergency Nursing, where she worked as a Nurse Practitioner. She learnt there about managing every kind of stress, trauma, illness, and every type of response to these situations. Stef trained in Craniosacral Therapy after experiencing the work while looking after a friend with cancer, and observing the profound effect it had on the whole family. Cranial work taught her about the impact that our experiences have on us throughout our lives, and in particular about how we hold these in our bodies.


We supply a large playlist of original music selected and composed specifically for underwater listening.


Gwen Siôn


Gwen is an experimental composer and multidisciplinary artist working with sound, sculpture, moving image and installation. She is interested in the relationship between sound and environment; her practice is underpinned by landscape, mythology, ritual and synaesthetic crossover, particularly the dynamic between colour and musical notation.


She uses field recordings as material and physical fragments of the landscape to create hand-built instruments and sculptural sound devices. Engaging in acts of translation and transformation, she interprets landscape in musical terms, exploring how musical composition can be used as a means of mapping space and the cultural, ecological and socio-political significance of space.

Gwen was commissioned by Liquid Vibrations as an associate disabled musician. She composed Dyfroedd Pell as part of our Arts Council project Liquid Listening, which  took place from May-September 2022.

Joel Cahen

Musician, artist and sound designer for stage and screen as well as art installations. His work has been presented internationally in galleries and festivals. Joel plays live at Wet Sounds events. He broadcast live new music at his weekly radio show on London's Resonance 104.4fm  (2005 - 2016). 

Simon Duff

Writer, composer and broadcaster. He writes for a number of magazines including the Saatchi Gallery Art & Music, Pro Sound News Europe, Lighting & Sound International and Installation. Simon regularly broadcasts experimental political and architectural based sound art, as well as audio walks in Venice and London, for Resonance FM radio. His music has been used in Film TV and Theatre.

The Orpheus Centre

In 2019, students from the Orpheus Centre, an independent specialist college for young disabled adults with a passion for the performing arts, created music for underwater listening over the course of two terms.

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