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Musical Hydrotherapy in Bad Ischl
March 2024 

We were absolutely delighted to be able to introduce the benefits of Musical Hydrotherapy to children at a special needs kindergarten in Bad Ischl in Austria in mid-March 2024 as part of a special residency for their European Capital of Culture celebrations.  Three locally-based WATSU practitioners and our Artistic Director Joel Cahen worked with twelve children from the Caritas curative after-school centre and kindergarten at the HerzReha Center in Bad Ischl, and their head teacher Christine Schuster was delighted with the results:

"It was an extraordinary experience for the children and young people to experience the music in connection with movement in the water, to be moved and to be held. Not only to hear the music, but to perceive it as vibrations all over the body. It was fascinating to see how some of the children's physical tensions visibly eased and how they felt safe.”

We hope to be able to build a continuing relationship with Caritas and with therapeutic partners in Austria going forwards.


Find out more: read press features about the project at, and

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