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We are building a community of teachers, schools, hydrotherapy pools, aquatic practitioners and users that we can support in experiencing, delivering and developing our practice - particularly our Musical Hydrotherapy practice. 

As part of our community building, Liquid Listening offers free Membership to everyone who participates in our Musical Hydrotherapy training programme.


Liquid Listening Membership benefits include:

  • Access to support from a Liquid Listening aquatic bodywork specialist and links to purchase the flotation aids they use. 

  • Access to support from a Liquid Listening Music Interaction specialist. 

  • Access to support from a Liquid Listening Sound Technology specialist. 

  • An annual equipment maintenance visit. 

  • One free in-person annual refresher session of 4 hours for up to 8 people from our aquatic bodywork team. 

  • Invitations to networking events and open days. 

  • Liquid Listening media pack for trained instructors containing a certificate and access to logos, publicity images and approved copy.

  • Permission to use the Liquid Listening accredited user logo on your website and publicity. 

  • Listing your logo on the Liquid Listening website as accredited user. 


Find out more about Membership by contacting us or emailing​​

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"The Beacon Institute at the University of Kent is proud to work in partnership with Liquid Listening, and to support their valuable and innovative work in interactive performance.  The company represents a model of creative collaboration between science, technology and artistic practice.  "

Robert Shaughnessy, Acting Director, Beacon Institute, University of Kent

Our members

Ashton Secondary School, Glasgow

Bedelsford School, Kingston

Croftcroign Primary School, Glasgow

Dee Banks School, Chester

Fox Wood School, Warrington

Ivy House School, Derby

Marjorie McClure School, Chislehurst

Heron Academy, Lambeth

St Nicholas School, Canterbury

Swiss Cottage School, Camden

Valence School, Westerham

The Village School, Brent

Willow Dene School, Plumstead

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