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Musical Hydrotherapy training at Bedelsford School
A teacher's perspective by Jessica Webb, Deputy Head

Our students and staff team have hugely benefitted from Liquid Listening training. Since receiving the training, we have noticed such a positive change in pupils who have barriers to their communication and physical movement. Since expanding our staff training, teams have been able to apply techniques learnt to move in the water in time with student's movements and respond appropriately, offering comfort and support in the water. Students and staff have been immersed in 'movement conversations' with teams noting the impact of 'tuning into' a pupil's breathing, communication and movement.


During the training, we learnt the importance of taking time to be still with and notice the person we support in the water. This allows us to notice what might be happening for a person and how we may begin to invite movement for a person. As the training progressed, we learnt different techniques to support a range of people in the water and the trainers were highly supportive and encouraging of how we could adapt our practice to suit the needs of our school population. It was brilliant to work alongside the trainers with our pupils so that we could create highly bespoke sessions which for pupils.


We are so excited to build on the training using techniques learnt in the course with our pupils. We hope to further our practice in the coming months and years as we know what a positive impact this will continue to have on our pupils.


Rachel, our wonderful Pool Assistant, said:

''From the very first day we were introduced to Liquid Listening, it has changed the way we swim with our children and the way they respond to us. The sounds underwater and the feeling of the sounds on their bodies has undeniably improved with reactions, feelings, communication and interaction. But not only with the students but with the staff. Everyone who has had the experience has loved it.''

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